10 Reasons Why a SmartMike+ and SMike+ App Combination Provides the Best Vlogging Experience

A happy girl playing guitar and wearing a Smartmike+

1. SmartMike+and SmartMike+ app can make 44.1khz/48khzstereo sound pickup and transmission in real time while conventional Bluetooth microphone/headset can only transmit mono voice quality sound sampled at 8khz/16khz rate. SmartMike+ can only transmit 8khz/16khz voice to 3rd party apps without integration of Sabinetek SDK.

2. With Sabinetek SDK integrated, SmartMike+ app can receive two separate audios with full-band signal from two SmartMike+, and this is the world’s first TWS microphone  for smartphone.

3. With a single SmartMike+ and SmartMike+ app, you can also make stereo pickup with another microphone via a 3.5mm jack plugged on SmartMike+.

4. With a single SmartMike+ and SmartMike+ app, you can also make another stereo pickup via "Interview" mode, which means SmartMike+ picks up the voice of the interviewee, and the microphone of the smart phone picks up the voice of the interviewer who does not appear in the camera.

5. Two SmartMike+ and SmartMike+ app together with interview mode will pick up three persons’ group talking.

6. SmartMike+ can make real time stereo mixing of the sound and background music stream from arbitrary third-party stream apps, such as Spotify and iTunes. It will transmit this mixed stereo audio to SmartMike+ app via Sabinetek’s private Bluetooth technology in real time. So SmartMike+ supports multi protocols cooperation at the same time while all other Bluetooth devices do not.

7. SmartMike+ app can help vloggers with auto transcription with over 120 languages supported.

8. SmartMike+ app will also support video shooting with front and back cameras simultaneously. (In internal testing)

9. SmartMike+ app will support funny lip sync battles  which synchronize foreground video and sound pickup from your SmartMike+. (In internal testing)

10. SmartMike+ app will support some key events from main stream gimbal soon.


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