SmartMike+™ With Unidirectional Mic
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SabineTek SmartMike+™ and Unidirectional Mic Pack

Creating content with high audio quality has never been easier.

Do you want to increase your likes, views, and subscribers on social media by ten-fold? Any job professional dealing with content creation will benefit from using SmartMike+ and Unidirectional Mic.

 In the core of SmartMike+ is a highly patent one-of-a-kind Bluetooth 5.0 technology that no other devices have. SmartMike+ is small, portable, produces great sound, and has long battery life than other microphones in the market.


SmartMike+: True Wireless Stereo Mic For Content Creators


Four levels of noise reduction can filter noise and give you crystal clear sound.



Real-time Monitoring

You can hear your recordings simultaneously to adjust your tone, speed, and intonation.

 (If you use the unidirectional mic with SmartMike+, this function is not working.)



Powerful SmartMike+ APP

With our free SmartMike+ App with the app, you can create your audio and video everywhere. Tuning, Audio/Video recording, Output Settings, Speech recognition, Subtitle generation, Wireless mixing, etc.




AI Speech Recognition

Recognize over 120 languages and transcribe editable subtitles, easier for post-editing.





With this editable teleprompter function, you will need to worry about remembering the long lines.



Unidirectional Mic

Enhance Sound Pickup Quality

SmartMike+ paired with cardioid polar pattern unidirectional mic. A Two-pronged approach completely eliminating unwanted background noise.




Cardioid Polar Pattern

Effectively pick up sounds from the front and reject sounds from other directions. Suitable for speech/vocal.




Flexible Use

180° Free Turn Flexible Use and 360° Unidirectional Rotation, giving you more convenience to pick up sound from any direction.





4-pole TRRS gold plated audio jack, exquisite workmanship, eliminate interference. Can be connected to the phone for independent use.



Wide versatility

This pack can be used for music recording, online Teaching, speech, video Shooting especially on very noisy environment.




Connecting Method

Simply attach the unidirectional mic to SmartMike+ and connect SmartMike with your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. One SmartMike and unidirectional pack need to work with SmartMike+ App.




For more App and device compatibility

You need two SmartMike+ and two Unidirectional mic combos to use it with other 3-rd party Apps or other devices.



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