SmartMike+™ & SmartMike Lite Pack Wireless Bluetooth Mic
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Most Budget Combo!

SmartMike+ and SmartMike Lite



SmartMike+: True Wireless Stereo Mic For Content Creators


  1. Small and compact
  2. 48kHZ CD-quality sound
  3. Four levels of noise reduction
  4. Real-time monitoring
  5. Real-time mixing
  6. Subtitle Transcription



SmartMike Lite: True Stereo Wireless Lavalier Microphone


  1. Compact and portable
  2. 48kHZ CD quality-sound
  3. Four levels of noise reduction
  4. Real-time mixing
  5. Real-time monitoring
  6. Subtitle transcription


Notice: To avoid customers' confusion about the name"SmartMike Silver" and the real color of the product, we updated the name to SmartMike Lite. The package you received may remain the original name.




SmartMike+ and SmartMike Lite Pack: Most Budget Pack for Content Creators


  1. Perfect for living streaming / online training / music recording / video shooting / zoom meeting / interviews / podcasting
  2. Compatible with your Camera / Sound card / DSLR / PC / Go Pro / mobile phone
  3. Compatible with any other third-party Apps (like Facebook Live, TikTok, youtube, etc)




SmartMike+ and SmartMike Lite Pack

1. No app restrictions/Compatible with more devices





2.  Wider versatility

You can use this combined package for shooting vlogs/videos, live-streaming, online training, interview, karaoke, online meeting, etc.




How to connect SmartMike+ and SmartMike Lite?

Transmitter/Receiver mode:

Transmitter/receiver mode. Use SmartMike Lite to collect sounds as a transmitter and connect SmartMike+ with other devices as a receiver.




 Connecting Method




TWS mode:

True Wireless Stereo Mode. The SmartMike+ App supports SmartMike+ and SmartMike Lite recording simultaneously. Connect both SmartMike+ and SmartMike Lite with mobile phone via Bluetooth then record simultaneously.




Connecting Method







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