SabineTek SmartMike+™ Bluetooth HiFi Quality Wireless Stereo Lavalier Microphone
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The Smallest True Stereo Wireless Microphone

High Fidelity Sound Quality
20Hz-20KHz Full Band Pickup
Real-Time Mixing
Real-Time Monitoring
15g Super Light 6 Hrs Battery Life
4 Levels of Noise Reduction 15m Transmission Distance




What Package should you choose?



The Smallest True Stereo Wireless Microphone

Multiple noise reduction, synchronizing audio and video in real-time. 

Perfect choice for vlog shooting and audio recording.





Four Levels of Noise Reduction

Use the SmartMike+ APP to adjust the microphone gain and noise reduction grade to get crystal clear sound in a noisy environment.

 (Click here to download SmartMike+ App)



Why does SmartMike+ Stand out from its Competitors?

Sound Quanlity Test by Marco Prova Tuttohe

Real-time Monitoring

You can hear your recordings simultaneously to adjust your tone, speed, and intonation.



 Powerful SmartMike+ APP

Recognize over 120 languages and transcribe editable subtitles, easier for post-editing.



Wide Compatibility

1 x SmartMike can ONLY work with SmartMike+ APP while connecting to your phone.

2 x SmartMikes can work with any third party APP and connect with almost any camera, laptop, sound equipment, recording pen with a 3.5mm audio input jack.

Wide Versatility

SmartMike+ is suitable for vlog shooting, live streaming, interview, online training, etc.



Reviews from our Beloved Supporters:

How SmartMike+(Single/Dual) Connects with Different Devices?

2 Ways to Connect your Smartmike+(Single/Dual) with you Cellphone:

Single Pack SmartMike+, you can shoot with our SmartMike+ App and connect our mic with your phone via Bluetooth.

Dual Pack SmartMike+, you can either shoot our SmartMike+ App or any 3rd party App you are used to working with. All you need to to is to first pair 2 SmartMikes with bluetooth. And then connect one of the mikes via a four-pole audio cable.  

For Phones without 3.55mm port but only has a Type-c port needs an Type-c to 3.55mm adapter, which is available under the accessories category on our website.


For devices other than a cellphone,a Dual SmartMike Pack is a MUST to work with.

The steps are very similar connect your Dual SmartMikes with other devices. First pair up 2 SmartMikes and than connect one of the mikes via a three/four-pole audio cable to your device as the receiver. The one clips on your lapel works as a transmitter.  


 What's in the box?

  For single package

For dual package

Product Specs:

Color Black, White
Chipset QualcomCSR8670
BT version 5.0
BT Protocol A2DP, HFP, SWISS*
Sampling Frequency
Recording Bandwidth Full band(22.05 kHz)
Wireless Channel 2
Battery Life
5 hours
Charging Port Micro USB
Battery Capacity 110mAh
TRS Output port
3.5mm 4Pin


*Swiss protocol: Sabinetek’s own Bluetooth patented protocol has high-quality stereo sound during the mutual transmission between phone and Bluetooth.






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