About Us


In 2014, a group of audio scientists came together powered by a common vision: connecting the world through sound. SabineTek was born. We came from cutting-edge research institutions. We each brought with us unique expertise in fields ranging from acoustics and telecommunications to electronic engineering.

Connecting the World Through Sound

We created our own design lab, and put our brains together to develop powerful audio recording engines, acoustic algorithms, & product prototypes. We are pragmatists—we get excited to solve real problems of everyday people. One of our founder’s daughter had a music concert and he realized it was impossible to get a good recording. So we got the idea for a truly easy, powerful wireless microphone that anyone could set up, use anywhere, & get studio quality recordings. We cracked other difficult problems like noise and echo, array beamforming and feedback control. We made an efficient codec algorithm with less than-5-millisecond short frame latency, which improves on the well-known MP3/AAC codec. We also hold the world’s leading acoustic AI intelligent algorithm for high-quality separation of multi-channel and multi-source. Our DAFX technology provides dozens of professional digital audio effects for entertainment, music, and general communication scenarios.


We knew our innovations were improving the industry, but we saw a problem. Third-party product developers didn’t always unleash the full power of the underlying tech. We realized: we could do it better. We knew we had to do it ourselves.

Since Summer 2019 we launched two successful crowdfunding campaigns for our wireless recording suite: SmartMike+ in 2019 and then AudioWow in 2020. We were overjoyed by the support of our customers who funded our first round of product development. Content creators of all kinds appreciated how easy it was to get started and to free themselves from the constraints of overly-complicated audio setups. With SmartMike+ we gave them a super-compact, professional recording microphone then with AudioWow we gave them a powerful, wireless audio studio the size of a matchbox. And they got the freedom to create and do what they love. When we exceeded both funding goals, we knew we were on to something.


After over five years of proven success, we know our strengths: innovation and global leadership in mobile internet acoustics, audio processing and communication. Our core acoustic processing and communication technologies are widely applied in a wide range of acoustic mediums like headphones, microphones, sound cards or interfaces and speakers. Our products are compatible with mainstream smart systems in the market, and can significantly improve users’ acoustic experience in range of exciting applications: music, entertainment, online education, corporate meetings and communication, content production and transmission, live broadcasting, voice intelligence, healthcare, and more. 

We see exciting opportunities in AR, VR, IoT, hearing assistance and beyond. As the world gets more connected we envision—through our Acoustic Communication Network project—an integrated, one-stop strategic approach aiming to enable people’s acoustic interconnection via wireless portable devices.

Ultimately, the vision we have at SabineTek, is to help humanity achieve immersive information communication and control by using natural speech; your own voice interacting with everything without barriers. Where no precious human moment gets lost.

This is how we will realize our mission: “Connecting The World Through Sound”.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to connect the world through sound. We do this by creating powerful audio solutions that are powerful, freeing, easy enough for anyone, and fun to use.

We are out to create a world where the most memorable moments in life are captured with the highest fidelity, a world where nothing precious goes unheard, and where people feel empowered to fall in love with sound.

What We Believe

  • We believe in frictionless creation.

  • We believe that your voice is worth hearing.

  • We believe you should focus on doing what you love.

  • We believe in sharing yourself with the world.

  • We believe we are better when we are connected. 

  • We believe in the power and beauty of sound.