The Best Wireless Microphone on The Market

“The Best Wireless Microphone on The Market” SabineTek SmartMike+ Wins Worldwide Accolades

Happy customers around the world are singing praises about the SabineTek SmartMike+. With a new microphone on the horizon expected to be released in June 2021, the best is yet to come for SabineTek.

April 28, 2021 -- New York, NY -- SabineTek, internationally acclaimed acoustics, audio processing, and communication company, is proud to re-introduce the world’s smallest true stereo Bluetooth microphone, the SmartMike+. The microphone, which recently joined SabineTek’s lineup of highly popular audio technology such as the SabineCast Bluetooth Audio Mixer and the AudioWow, and features a compact, intelligent design.


The SmartMike+ quickly soared in popularity thanks to its functionality and ease of use, particularly within the vlogging community. Its small size, long battery life, and smart features make it the perfect companion for DIY content creators, filmmakers, videographers, and journalists. The ultra-compact wireless microphone was designed with real-time transmission and synchronization of full-band stereo for vlogging, recording, remixing, voice-over work, and dubbing. With the ability to record in CD quality while transmitting recordings directly to user’s mobile devices in real-time, the SmartMike+ is leaps and bounds ahead of similar microphones on the market, particularly at its price point. The SmartMike+ was designed with an understanding of the needs of vloggers, podcasters, and musical artists in mind. Often, those spaces are collaborative. For this reason, users can use two SmartMike+ devices simultaneously to achieve true stereo recording while simultaneously adding their own vocals over different beats and even fully mastered songs.

Since its release, the SmartMike+ has already won several awards, including two CES Innovation Awards in 2020. Of course, those were by no means the only commendations the SmartMike+ has received. The Straits Times, a long-established English flagship newspaper and the most-read newspaper in Singapore, called the SabineTek SmartMike+ the best wireless microphone on the market. Describing his experience using the SmartMike+, Trevor Tan, a writer for The Straits Times, stated that “the audio quality was so good that my colleague at the video team asked about the microphone I was using after I filmed several videos using the SmartMike+...[it] is undoubtedly the best wireless microphone in the market now.”


Other news sources, like BELLA Magazine, have called the SmartMike+ a “must-have for all content creators,” thanks to its small size, ease of use, and ability to cancel any unwanted background noise. Yahoo Life reviewed the microphone, emphasizing that the SmartMike+ was created with content creators in mind.  Smarter Travel, an internationally recognizes online travel publication, included the SmartMike+ on its list of must-have products to work remotely. Podcasters who have tried the SmartMike+, such as Michael Garfield from iHeartRadio, have loved it, detailing how they have never seen or worked with anything else like it. Video Magazine, a German magazine, stated that “the SmartMike+ is small, compact, and cheap,” applauding its crisp sound and extremely high performance compared to other microphones in its price range. People and publications around the world are excited about this exceptional product created by SabineTek.

Next on SabineTek’s horizon is the release of the SingMic. The SingMic is the ultimate microphone for TikTok videos and was designed with SabineTek’s mission of “Connecting The World Through Sound” in mind. After developing several award-winning audio products, SabineTek created the SingMic to allow recording audio to be as easy as simply having a thought and speaking it out loud to the world. The SingMic will be launched through an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign, connecting people to a versatile, well-designed microphone that combines the three best features of the top professional microphones into one powerful audio solution. SingMic will launch in June 2021.


About SabineTek

Founded in 2014, Sabine Technologies Co., Ltd., also known as SabineTek, focuses on the development of technologies and products in mobile acoustics, audio processing, and communication. Backed by its patented technologies as well as partnerships with leading companies such as Qualcomm, SabineTek has created acoustic processing algorithms for quality restoration, digital audio effects, codecs, and AI-based source processing. SabineTek has won seven Innovation Awards at CES for four consecutive years since 2018. 

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