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Feb 27, 2020 - What’s the talk of the town? It’s the world’s first Bluetooth Stereo Microphone, the SabineTek’s SmartMike+. Sabinetek is a Beijing based technology company that focused on mobile acoustics audio processing has recently expanded its product line by introducing the best wireless microphone SmartMike+.

Recognized as the best wireless microphone at CES 2020 last January 10 in Las Vegas, SmartMike+ is concluded as an innovative lapel microphone and has won two CES 2020 awards which are Innovation Awards in Headphones & Personal Audio and Mobile Device & Accessories categories.

The SmartMike+ is ultra-lightweight, weighing only 14 grams, and is perfect for group interviews, being able to capture audio from two SmartMike+'s simultaneously in TWS mode. In addition, the small microphone boasts the ability to auto-sync recordings with videos and creates automated transcriptions. The real-time monitoring and wireless transmission allows users to make quality content on-the-go.

The wireless stereo microphone is ideal for the following professions:


One of the hardest professions today, for a journalist is a great storyteller. Writing and reporting about new stories and about everything from social media to politics, sports and entertainment. With their job of informing the public about the current events and issues, journalists should have interviewing and interpersonal skills. To do their job flawlessly, they need a good lapel microphone. SmartMike+ can record sound with better quality. With a common microphone or phone recording, the viewers can hear the noisy background, but with SmartMike+ it has multilevel denoising algorithm that can minimize the background noise, they can get the details they need from the interviewee. 

Social Media Influencer

Social media influencer uses a variety of social media platforms to express their opinion on a specific brand influencing their audience. They are normal people representing the public providing honest reviews and discussing products building audience trust. With this great power, social media influence must have a quality video and audio. SmartMike+ is the perfect device being compatible with Android and IOS systems. This Bluetooth microphone easily controlled using the SmartMike+ app capable of recording sounds with better quality. Influencer’s can also enjoy recording and mixing their voice with background music. As an added feature, they also use SmartMike+ for 3rd party apps like Facebook Live, TikTok, Snapchat and more.

Content Creators

One of the main problems of content creators is audio. They often have a great video but cannot provide a good audio, watching their video is uncomfortable for their viewers. SmartMike+ solve their audio problem. With the lapel mike acting as the receiver, SmartMike+ is the perfect on the go microphone for video recording. Content creators will record crystal clear audio even on the streets or running around. SmartMike+ can really enhance the sound, even with outdoor noise. 


Youtubers creates and uploads videos on YouTube’s online video sharing service. As a youtuber, creating timely, relevant and appealing video is a must. They can now create a good video with high-quality audio technology that will increase likes, views, and subscribers with SmartMike+. Within the core of SmartMike+ is a one of a kind Bluetooth 5.0 technology that no other devices have its small, portable and has long battery life that can continuously record for 5 hours. 


Research Professors mostly focuses on research, doing little to no teaching, it allows them to focus on research and sometimes they are instances that their research includes interviewing people and taking videos as part of their studies. SmartMike+ is the best wireless microphone to used for their profession. With its long recording time, they can use all of its 3 modes: blog, audio and interview. They can now record their research work with a better quality of sound for further study. With a touch of a button at SmartMike+ app, they can have full control of it. 


Instructors these days share their passion online and on different platforms like those fitness instructors. As they share their fitness knowledge with the public, having a good audio is a must for the viewers to understand what they are saying during the routine. SmartMike+ is the perfect companion for instructors. As the first wireless lapel, instructors can move freely without worrying about cords and the small microphone can auto-sync recordings with videos and creates automated transcriptions. 

 Song Writers

Song writers  also called composers; they are musicians who professionally compose musical compositions and write lyrics for songs. Before they could come up with a new song with lyrics going through trial and error is part of that journey. SmartMike+ is the perfect wireless microphone for on the go video recording. SmartMike+ includes a headset on its package that often used for playbacks. With its lightweight of 14G, which is half a size of a pen, song writers can bring it anywhere and use it anytime. 


Most singers these days collaborate with other artists. With SmartMike+, singers can collaborate whenever or wherever they wanted to. With SmartMike+ multi-channel audio recording, the SmartMike+ app can record two channels simultaneously sustaining the quality of the sounds. Designed as a shirt microphone SmartMike+ is very handy singers can bring it on rehearsals, gigs and events this way they can have a record of their performance as part of their portfolio as an artist or to be posted on their social media account as a marketing strategy. 


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Sabinetek SmartMike+ Wireless Bluetooth Microphone Review
OUR VERDICT The Sabinetek SmartMike+...
Sabinetek SmartMike+ Wireless Bluetooth Microphone Review
Sabinetek SmartMike+ Wireless Bluetooth Microphone...

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