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When it coms to the best gifts for the 2021 Mothers Day seasom, A Global Lifestyle and Destination Luxury has you covered. From luxurious gifts to fashion forward finds, use our luxury gift guide for every on your list.



With travel reopening and having missed what seemed like a decade of our life missed due to the ongoing pandemic last summer, many remote working Mom’s and content creator communities are looking for a way to pack everything into spring and summer this year. The SmartMike+ is a great gift for Mom’s who seemingly still need to hop on the occasional Zoom even during family time and for all types including regular everyday Mom’s who share a multitude of vacation and family moments on platforms like TikTok and IG. SmartMike+ is an ultra-compact wireless microphone with real-time transmission and synchronization of full band stereo for vlogging, recording, remixing, voice-over, and dubbing. Think about all the cool TikTok Mom videos that you see as well as IG Reels. These moments are priceless and quality sound and imaging is essential. It records in CD quality and transmits wirelessly in real-time to a mobile phone so no hefty equipment to carry around. It’s the size of a lipstick tube. It works with both smartphones and DSLR.

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