SabineTek SmartMike+ True Wireless Stereo Mic – Portable Mic for Content Creators

For any content creator like a vlogger, interviewer, or podcaster that’s spends a lot of their time on-the-go, creating content with high-quality audio might prove to be hard, as carrying high-quality audio-capturing equipment back and forth can be quite stressfull, as well as somewhat physically draining if you’re looking to bring with you a whole set of studio-level audio-recording equipment. However, getting something like the Sabinetek SmartMike+ True Wireless Stereo Mic would ultimately get you rid of all of those problems.

The Sabinetek SmartMike+ True Wireless Stereo Mic is basically a portable audio recording solution that’s perfect for any content creator that’s looking to record high-quality audio while they’re on-the-go.

As such, the Sabinetek SmartMike+ makes it easier than ever before for content creators to record their vlogs’s audio at an extremely high-quality while still being able to travel extra-light, and that also goes for any interviews or podcasts that those content creators might have scheduled in the nearby future.

Ultimately, any job professions that have to deal with constant content creation, no matter where they decide to go next, will end up getting high benefits when using such a high-quality audio-recording solution like the Sabinetek SmartMike+ True Wireless Stereo Mic.

To put it in a bit more basic way, at its core, the Sabinetek Smartmike+ works exactly like a one of a kind portable microphone that’s powered by a more advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology that most other devices on the market still don’t have.

While you would think that this more advanced version of Bluetooth 5.0 could bring you some compatibility problems with 3rd party Apps (like Tiktok, Facebook Live, Instagram, YouTube Live, etc.), it really doesn’t.

All you really have to do to use the Sabinetek Smartmike+ with any of those 3rd party Apps is to connect it to another Sabinetek Smartmike+ unit. We’ll go a bit deeper into this later in the article (discussed at the very end of the article).

Lastly, it’s also worth to mention that this portable high-quality audio-recording microphone was one of the few smart gadgets showcased at CES 2020 that was selected as one of the CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honorees.

Now, let’s have a more detailed look at the Sabinetek SmartMike+ and see exactly how this portable high-quality microphone for on-the-go content creators actually works.


Starting with its size and design, the Sabinetek SmartMike+ is quite small, which ends up making it super-portable. The unit measures just 2.3 inches long by 0.4 inches wide by 0.6 inches tall/thick (5.8 x 1 x 1.5 cm) when resting horizontally on top of any flat surface.

Furthermore, its ultra-lightweight also gives it some extra-portability, as the unit weighs just a measly 0.49 oz. (14 g).

Additionally, the SmartMike+ also features a very clever design that’s focused on its usability, and what I mean by that is that each unit comes integrated with a small built-in clip that allows you to easily snap the microphone to any shirt neck or chest pocket for any potential interview, on-the-go vlog (moving and vlogging exactly at the same time), and more.

All of the SmartMike+’s operations are run on a Qualcomm CSR8670 chipset, which is basically an audio system-on-chip (SoC) solution that features wireless connectivity, embedded flash memory and integrated capacitive touch sensors.

This highly-advanced audio chipset is exactly what enables companies to create high-quality audio-recording solutions (like the Sabinetek SmartMike+), as well as high-quality audio-playback solutions that can both bring users of all levels a highly compelling user experience that’s combined with a superior audio performance.


Since this portable microphone was designed to work as a True Wireless Stereo Mic, the Sabinetek SmartMike+ can be used to record stereo audio at 16hz sound quality, and that’s just when using one single unit for audio-recording purposes.

One single Sabinetek SmartMike+ unit can already record at great sound quality, as it comes equipped with an internal microphone that can record at high-quality sound with a featured Sample Rate of 48Khz per audio sample and a Full band Recording Bandwidth of 22.05Khz.

One single unit can be used for capturing flawless audio recordings with either the Filmic Pro App or even the microphone’s proprietary SmartMike+ App.

Furthermore, you can also use one single SmartMike+ unit to work as your PC’s or laptop’s dedicated microphone, and thanks to the SmartMike+’s high-quality Noise Reduction technology (discussed right ahead), your family, friends, or co-workers that you’ll be chatting with via Zoom, Skype, or any other voice communication (VOIP) desktop App won’t ever listen to any background noises that might occur around you.

This also makes the SmartMike+ the perfect communication device for any of your Smartphone calls, and the end caller will even be thankful for it, as the SmartMike+’s Noise Reduction tech will also help to greatly reduce any noises around you while you’re out and about through your daily commute, including things like a busy/crowded coffee, city traffic noises, or even the wind.

The SmartMike+ also features a 3.5mm 4-Pin Analog Interface that ultimately gives you the option to connect an additional external mic to one single SmartMike+ unit, like the company’s SmartMike+ Unidirectional 360º Mic Addon, which can capture audio from any given direction, covering any potential content around with in a full 360º radius.

This SmartMike+ Unidirectional 360º Mic Addon can potentially be used to boost your SmartMike+’s recorded audio for even clearer audio recordings.

Keep in mind that this special addon only comes in the Pro Bundle set versions, while our review unit is just a standard version (which can still empower you to go pretty far when it comes to audio recording at high-quality, to be totally honest).

Noise Reduction with the SmartMike+ App:

When creating video content outside, loud background noise is inevitable, and ultimately, it can ruin your viewer’s listening experience.

However, by combining the SmartMike+’s proprietary App with its Noise Reduction technology, users can greatly reduce the background noise around them.

Using two (x2) SmartMike+ units together instead of just one

As mentioned before, you could also opt to use two SmartMike+ units together for your interviews (interviewer and interviewee) and high-quality podcasts, as well as for any of the already mentioned 3rd party Apps (discussed at the end of the article), like Tiktok, Facebook Live, Instagram, YouTube Live, etc.

Furthermore, using two SmartMike+ units together as well as with other devices that aren’t Bluetooth-enabled, can allow you to use one SmartMike+ unit as a receiver and the other unit as a transmitter/microphone, which means that you can potentially run dual-SmartMike+ set as a powerful M/S (Master/Slave) recording solution (discussed at the Features Section of the article).


As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the Sabinetek SmartMike+ True Wireless Stereo Mic features Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, running on a special advanced patented version, and as such it support quite a few Bluethooth codecs/protocols, including A2DP (the basic Bluetooth stereo streaming protocol), HFP (a Hands-Free Profile Bluetooth Profile/Mode), and SWISS (the company’s proprietary Sabine wireless interactive sound system).

Since the Sabinetek SmartMike+ can be used in sets of two units for extended functionalities (the already mentioned 3rd Party Apps compatibility and Master/Slave mode – discussed a bit ahead), the Sabinetek SmartMike+ features a total of two (x2) Wireless Channels for wireless Bluetooth connectivity.


Each Sabinetek SmartMike+ comes equipped with a powerful built-in 110mAh rechargeable battery that features quite a long battery life, much longer than most other portable microphone solutions available on the market.

As such, its battery can offer up to 6 hours of battery life, which ultimately makes the Sabinetek SmartMike+ the perfect audio-recording solution for anyone that’s on-the-go. Furthermore, its 6 hours of battery life can easily be extend by using pretty much any standard power bank.

Recharging the SmartMike+’s battery is also quite easy, as all you have to do to have the microphone’s internal battery fully charged from 0% to 100% is to connect its included Micro-USB Charging Cable to its Micro USB Charging port and wait for just 1 hour.


Master/Slave Mode

As mentioned before, using two SmartMike+ units together will allow users to run dual-SmartMike+ set as a powerful M/S (Master/Slave) recording solution for any devices that aren’t Bluetooth-enabled, and that includes most recently released digital cameras like the DSLR, the DJI Osmo Pocket or any more recently released Go Pro Camera, as well as PC and Laptops, small portable speakers, and more.

Be aware that you should purchase the company’s Twin Package (discussed at the end of the article) if you’re looking to run the SmartMike+ on its extended-feature Master/Slave Mode (the Receiver/Mic mode). That’s the only way you’ll be able to use one SmartMike+ unit as a receiver and the other unit as a transmitter/microphone.

All you have to do to use the SmartMike+’s powerful Master/Slave Mode is to simply hook up one SmartMike+ to your digital camera/GoPro/PC/speaker via the package’s included 3.5mm AUX cable to have that specific SmartMike+ unit behaving as a receiver and you’re ready to start recording.

Specifically for any digital cameras (like the DSLR for example), this Master/Slave Mode will work without having the need to use any adapter cables, and you’ll be able to get a maximum wireless connectivity range of 49.21 ft (15 m).

However, when running two SmartMike+ units for recording podcasts on your Smartphone while you’re either offline or even Live Streaming, you’ll need to use either a Type-C Adapter Cable or a Apple Lighting Adapter Cable.

Still, just like the normal Master/Slave setup for Digital Cameras and other non-Bluetooth-enabled devices, you’ll still be able to get a maximum wireless connectivity range of 49.21 ft (15 m).

Auto Transcription (Still in Beta)

There’s one additional feature, which the company simply called “Auto transcription”, that’s still in a Beta-testing phase.

Most likely, this will be a reliable Text-To-Speech mode that will allow users to connect their Sabinetek SmartMike+ TWS Microphones to the SmartMike+ App (discussed right ahead) and simply speak to the microphone to get all of their dialogue accurately captured and translated straight to text within the Smartphone App.


The microphone’s proprietary Smartphone Companion App, which is simply called the SmartMike+ App, is free to download for both iOS and Android devices.

Via the SmartMike+ App users can use their Sabinetek SmartMike+ TWS Microphones to record audio in real-time with auto-sync enabled, as well as to mix multi-channel audio during their recordings, and that also includes the microphone’s reliable Noise Reduction technology.

Not only that, but it’s exactly within the SmartMike+ App that you can set your Sabinetek SmartMike+ to work in one of three (x3) different recording modes, which are: Vlogger Mode, Interview Mode, and True Wireless Stereo Audio Model.


Lastly, and as mentioned at the beginning of the article, the SmartMike+ can be used with any third-party App on a smartphone via Bluetooth, such as Filmic-Pro, Tiktok, Facebook Live, Instagram, YouTube Live, etc.

However, as you already know, you’ll need two SmartMike+ units working in Master/Slave Mode (Receiver/Mic Mode) to this, but that will also help you to get the best possible sound quality you’d hope for.

While using the unit alone will allow you to simply record your own audio, contrarily to that, using the Sabinetek Smartmike+ TWS microphone with any 3rd party Apps will require you to use a second Sabinetek Smartmike+ unit.

Both units will then be connected to each other (one as a Master and one as a Slave) via the microphone’s more advanced version of Bluetooth 5.0, and that’s what will ultimately allow you to record your audio within those 3rd party mobile Apps.


The Sabinetek SmartMike+ True Wireless Stereo Mic is a small and lightweight portable microphone that’s perfect for any content creators on-the-go. It offers high-quality audio recording and features compatibility with Digital Cameras, PCs, laptops and even 3rd Party Mobile Apps.

Thanks to its three different in-App modes, you can use it for any of your vlogs, interviews, and podcasts while you’re on the go.

If you’re interested in buying the Sabinetek SmartMike+ True Wireless Stereo Mic, you should most likely consider getting the Twin Package (contains two microphones), which is currently discounted from its normal price of $318, now going for $278 per set (saves you $40), and each set also comes with a 1-Year Warranty.

You could also get a 1-unit Sabinetek SmartMike+ set, which is also discounted from its normal price of $159, now going for just $139.

Whatever set you choose to go with (1-unit or 2-units), you can order your prefered set online right now, directly from Sabinetek’s official shopping page, which you can access by clicking any of the provided links.

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