SabineTek SmartMike+™ Wireless Stereo Mic
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The Smallest True Stereo Wireless Microphone


Light as a Feather 15g
Transmission Distance 15m
Battery Life up to 6 Hours
Real Time Music Mixing Playback
Noise Reduction Monitoring Mode
TWS Mode Dual Working Mode



Best Vlog Companion

SmartMike+ mic can be used to connect to your smartphone when you're shooting video outdoors. Even in a noisy background, turn on the app's noise reduction mode, and you can still record lossless sound.





Your Online Training Partner

SmartMike+ plus mic can connect to any electronic device which support bluetooth, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc. With a long and lossless recording distance of 15m. The battery can last up to 6 hours with only 1 charge. Perfect choice for online course live-steaming and recording.





Private Mobile Recording Studio

If you order two SmartMike+ plus mic packs, you will get a free cable. SmartMike+ plus mic can easily connect to your phone and use third party applications. Moreover, it has powerful mixing of hi-fi stereo sound quality, which is your private mobile recording studio.





Professional DSLR/GoPro/PC Shooting

If you want to use a professional equipment to shoot videos, we recommend you to use our dual package. Not only is superior in sound quality, but it can also connect to the phone via TWS mode for dual recording and interview, saving you the cost of buying two pairs of microphones.





2 People Music Recording Simultaneously

Connect two SmartMike+ with smartphone via Bluetooth, SmartMike+ works simultaneously with smartphone(android v9.0 above, ios v10.0.2 above). One video with two audio source from two SmartMike+ mixed together with lips synchronization. meanwhile, an earphone plug on mobile phone can be used for real-time audio monitoring for two SmartMike+.




Why SmartMike+ Stands out from its Competitors?
Sound Quanlity Test by Marco Prova Tuttohe 



Mult Mic to Record Stereo Sound

Stereo sound refers to the creation of sound using multiple audio channels. It creates the illusion of sound coming from different directions and is much more effective at mimicking the experience of natural sound than single-channel, mono audio systems.
With multiple audio channels, SmartMike+ can record full band stereo audio at 44.1-48khz, which is more than six times the frequency of conventional mono microphones (e.G. Airpods). That's why SmartMike+ can provides clearer audio recording.




Product Parameters
Color Black, White
Chipset QUALCOMM CSR8670
BT version 5.0
BT Protocol A2DP, HFP, SWISS
Sampling frequency 48KHz
Recording bandwidth Full band(22.05 KHz)
Wireless channel 2
Recording time 5 hours
Charging interface Micro USB
Battery  110mAh
External interface 3.5mm 4Pin


Which Package should I choose?
If you are Single SmartMike+ Dual SmartMike+
Vlogger/ Musician/ Bussinessman/ Training
TikTok/ Youtuber/ Live streaming/ Professional videographer (3rd-party App) ×




Single SmartMike+ Box



 Twin SamrtMike+ Box



Single AudioWow+ Box




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