FinaLace: work, create & learn with wireless 3D audio
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FinaLace, the world‘s first 3-channel binaural Bluetooth earphones with realtime mixing & monitoring and sound FXs for content creators. Providing real-time mixing and monitoring of any audio source from mobile phone, 3-channel sound pick-up, making it a studio-free tool to record podcasts, music, videos and calls anywhere, anytime. 

The way we work and create has changed, our lives have shifted from offices to online working, learning and creating, and FinaLace is here to help you thrive.

Noise suppression, a unique mic-array, and powerful app that does things like phone call transcribing have been purposefully designed to help you do your best work anywhere.

You no longer need a voice over mic, mixing panel, high-fidelity headphones and other bulky equipment, at home or on the go. FinaLace replaces all of that and more.

But that's not all that makes FinaLace so special, FinaLace has a 3D binaural microphone array built into the earbuds. That means that you can record or share audio around you as it would be naturally perceived by your ears in 3D.

Using FinaLace is really as simple as downloading our app, connecting FinaLace with Bluetooth and being ready to rock ’n roll. It simplifies the process for content creators. No post-editing is needed unless you want to. Traditional processes to create content may take 5 to 10 hours in post editing. With our app it just takes 10 minutes for content to be ready to share.  Also, to make life easier for our backers, we've decided to merge the apps for SmartMike+, AudioWoW, and FinaLace into one. 




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