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Freeship World Wide

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SmartMike+ Feature

Small, Only 14g

Up to 15m

Up to 6 hours

Music Mixing

Noise Reduction

Real-time Montoring

TWS Mode

T/R Mode

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SmartMike+,  Last Chance This Year, Only $109

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Vlogger Pro Pack

3 SmartMike+ 1 To 2 TTR Mode - Sabinetek Official Store


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  • More Usage Scenarios

  • T/R Mode and TWS Mode

  • Work with 3rd APP

  • Work with Mobile/DLSR/PC and so on

  • 2 People Recroding


TWS Mode: connect two smartmike+ Simultaneously with smartphone via Bluetooth. Audio source from two smartmike+ mixed together with lips synchronization. meanwhile, The earphone can be used for real-time audio monitoring for two smartmike+

T/R Mode: One SmartMike+ as a receiver and the other as microphone. Connect to your digital camera/GoPro/PC/speaker via the 3.5mm AUX cable.

Lightning and Type-c to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter with a call function need to be configured 

Where to Use SmartMike+

Outdoor Videography

Live Streaming


Online Education

SmartMike+,  Easy to Recrod, Anywhere, Anytime

Why Choose SmartMike+?

Rode wireless goSmartMike+Alead Nolan Mic2 Samson Gomic M
Sound Quanlity ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Battery Life7h6h6h6h
Noise Reduction
Music Mixing
3D Stereo Sound Recording
Real-time Monitor
TWS Mode

Noise Reduction Test by RunArnoRun

Trusted by 10,000+ Customers

SmartMike+: 44KHZ, CD Quantity Audio, More Clear

Vlog Mode

SmartMike+: Music Mixing

Easy to mix, Recording Background Music and Voice Simultaneously  

TWS Mode:

Twin Wireless SmartMike+

Recrod 2 Channels Simultaneously from 2 SmartMike Mic, Easy to do interview

SmartMike+, Last Chance This Year Only $109!

About SmartMike+ & SabineTek

SabineTek is a partner of Qualcomm Design Center and owns more than 100 patents such as AI intelligent algorithm, industry-leading acoustic processing algorithms, noise and echo, array beamforming, and so on.

SabineTek has won the CES Innovation Awards 2020 & 2019. 


How to shoot vlog videos with SmartMike+?

1. Using the SMike+ app: Find the SMike+ app download barcode on the box or find the SMike+ on Apple App Store or Google play store.

2. Using third party camera apps such as FilMic pro. Please note that not all apps are supported due to app compatibilities, and only 8KHz/16KHz is supported with these apps.

3. Using native app on iOS or Android - Two SmartMike+s are needed in this case. To pair the two SmartMike+s in T/R mode and use the Sabinetek TRRS 4 pole connector to connect to any one of the paired SmartMike+s as receiver and the other as wireless microphone.  

How to record interviews with SmartMike+?

The SMike+ app provides “Interview” mode for SmartMike+. Just clip the SmartMike+ on the interviewee’s collar and use the SMike+ for audio or video interview. The audio of the interviewer can be captured by the microphone of mobile phone and the audio of the interviewee can be captured by the SmartMike+ clipped on the interviewee’s collar. Both audios will be mixed on SMike+ app. 

How to make group talking videos with SmartMike+ in TWS mode?

The SMike+ app supports two SmartMike+s recording simultaneously. Connect the two SmartMike+s with mobile phone via Bluetooth. Once connected, SMike+ will indicate two SmartMike+ are connected. Audios from the two SmartMike+s will then be recorded and wirelessly sent back to mobile phone automatically. The audios are mixed with video with synchronization. 

How to pair two SmartMike+s in T/R mode?

With any two SmartMike+s in power off state, press the power button of one to boot and hold for 10 seconds. When the LED blinks in green,then take the other SmartMike+ and press the power button to boot and hold for 3 seconds till the LED blinks in blue. Bring the two SmartMike+s close to each other and the pairing will be done automatically. The T/R mode paired SmartMike+s can be applied in many scenarios without the SMike+ app, such as live streaming, native app, third party camera apps and DSLR.

How to shoot videos with background music mixing?

Music from any music apps can be mixed into SMike+ videos as background music. Choose the music you like from any music app in the first of playlist. While shooting videos via SMike+, the button of the SmartMike+ is a hot key to start/pause background music by double clicking it. The background music (BGM) mixes with vocal together, and then is sent back to the mobile phone for video synchronization. You can monitor the BGM via the earbud in 3.5mm jack of SMartMike+ for synchronized dancing or singing

How to work with DSLR?

Pair any two SmartMike+s in T/R mode and connect either one of the two paired SmartMike+s to DSLR via TRS 3pole connector. The other SmartMike+ acts as wireless microphone for recording. Adjust the gain of external mic on DSLR accordingly to proper level. To adjust the gain level, press the power button on the remote SmartMike+ in a sequence of Medium-Low-High.

How to work with native or third-party camera apps on the phone?

Pair any two SmartMike+s in T/R mode and connect either one of the two paired SmartMike+s to mobile phone via Sabintek TRRS 4pole connector as a receiver, the other paired SmartMike+ acts as wireless microphone for recording. This works with native app or any third-party camera apps on the phone. Make sure the gain level is adequate. To adjust the gain, press the power button of the SmartMike+ as wireless microphone in a sequence of Medium-Low-High. 

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