Connecting the World with Sound, Sabine Technology Co., Ltd, or Sabinetek, was founded in 2014 by a group of scientists who shared this common vision. They came from leading research institutions such as Academia Sinica, Bell Labs, and Huawei Research Institute, and brought with them expertise in fields ranging from acoustics and telecommunications to electronic engineering.


With more than five years of development, Sabinetek is now an innovative technology company with a particular strength and global leadership position in mobile internet acoustics audio processing and communication. The company’s core acoustic processing and communication technologies can be widely applied in a wide range of acoustic terminals such as headphones, microphones, sound cards or interfaces and speakers. Its products are compatible with most of the mainstream smart systems in the market, and can significantly enhance users’ acoustic experience in music entertainment, online education, corporate meetings and communication, content production and transmission, live broadcasting, voice intelligence, healthcare, and other applicable scenarios. Its Acoustic Communication Network project represents an integrated, one-stop strategic approach aiming to enable people’s acoustic interconnection via wireless portable devices.


Backed by its patented technologies as well as partnerships with leading companies such as Qualcomm, Sabinetek excels at industry-leading acoustic processing algorithms for comprehensive solutions to combat common acoustic problems such as noise and echo, array beamforming and feedback control.  It possesses an efficient codec algorithm with less than-5-millisecond short frame latency, which compares favorably and achieves significantly better codec quality than the current popular MP3/AAC in the market. The company also maintains the world’s leading acoustic AI intelligent algorithm for high-quality separation of multi-channel and multi-source. Its DAFX technology provides dozens of professional digital audio effects for entertainment, music, and general communication scenarios.


As a part of its communication technology expertise, Sabinetek’s Acoustic Access Network aims to improve human sound experience from traditional voice quality to CD quality or even with immersive 3D. Its field acoustic networking helps introduce top sound quality in field applications such as public announcement, karaoke, and hearing aid. Its Immersive Communication Network facilitates connections between different peers at different locations with authentic acoustic experience, combining sound with visual representations such as video and text.


 On the corporate development front, Sabinetek has built up an industry-leading supply chain and achieved global marketing capacity with cross-border e-commerce and logistics as well as big data capabilities.


To connect the world with sound, the ultimate vision of Sabinetek is to play a small role in helping humanity achieve immersive information communication and control via the sound of natural speech. It is certainly an ambitious goal and the scientists at Sabinetek are working diligently to make it a reality.