Wireless Microphone For Mobile 

Works with with both android&iOS mobile phones and tablets

Work with SmartMike App, Zoom, Facebook live, FiLMic Pro 


Compatible Combo For Camera

Work with any third-party app like tiktok, facebook, instagram, etc.

Work with mobile phones, tablets, laptops, DSLR, Loudspeakers, etc. 


  • UNDER $19.99
  • under $9.9

SmartMike+: Wireless Lavalier Mic

Up to 44% OFF!

  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What devices can AI Pod work with?

It can work with SmartMike+ and SmartMike Lite only. Please buy it with these two products.

Q: Can I buy Two SmartMike Lites instead of SmartMike+ and SmartMike Lite?

No. Two SmartMike Lite won't work together. If you need to use them in T/R mode or TWS mode, please buy the combo of SmartMike+ and SmartMike Lite.

Q: Does the smartmike work on Android?

Yes, it supports Android and IOS systems connect with our smartmike APP, making your video shooting easier and more convenient.

Q: I like to go live on YouTube to teach line dancing. Which of your products would you recommend?

For YouTube live streaming or GoPro camera, we recommend the Dual mic package.


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Real Time Wireless Stereo Sound 

Transmission And Synchronization.

Bluetooth connection SmartMike+ APP or cooperative app can be used for video wireless simultaneously.