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  Wireless Bluetooth Microphone

  • Noise Reduction

    Four levels of noise reduction. Effectively filters background noise and get crystal clear sound.

  • Real-time Monitoring

    Hear yourself when recording to adjust your tone, voice and speed.

  • App Compatibility

    Best Audio Performance on SmartMike+ APP. If you want to use it with third-party apps, it works with apps which support a Bluetooth mic (FiLMic Pro, MoviePro, Protake, ProCamera etc)

  • Perfect for content creators

    Perfect for vlogging, video shooting, music recording, podcasting, interviewing. (Only works with SmartMike+ app)

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SmartMike+: Wireless Lavalier Mic

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Real Time Wireless Stereo Sound 

Transmission And Synchronization.

Bluetooth connection SmartMike+ APP or cooperative app can be used for video wireless simultaneously.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to shoot vlog videos with SmartMike+?

1. Using the SmartMike+ app: Find the SMike+ app download barcode on the box or find the SMike+ on Apple App Store or Google play store.

2. Using third party camera apps such as FilMic pro. Please note that not all apps are supported due to app compatibilities, and only 8KHz/16KHz is supported with these apps.

3. Using native app on iOS or Android - Two SmartMike+s are needed in this case. To pair the two SmartMike+s in T/R mode and use the Sabinetek TRRS 4 pole connector to connect to any one of the paired SmartMike+s as receiver and the other as wireless microphone.  

Q: How to pair two SmartMike+s in T/R mode?

With any two SmartMike+s in power off state, press the power button of one to boot and hold for 10 seconds. When the LED blinks in green,then take the other SmartMike+ and press the power button to boot and hold for 3 seconds till the LED blinks in blue. Bring the two SmartMike+s close to each other and the pairing will be done automatically. The T/R mode paired SmartMike+s can be applied in many scenarios without the SMike+ app, such as live streaming, native app, third party camera apps and DSLR.

Q: How to work with TWS Mode?

 TWS Mode is suitable for group interview, concert, wedding reception or other events, It can record the audio of two SmartMike+ simultaneously.

Q: How to use SmartMike+ in live streaming on mobile phone?

Pair any two SmartMike+s in T/R mode and connect either one of the two paired SmartMike+s to mobile phone via Sabintek TRRS 4pole connector as a receiver. The other paired SmartMike+ acts as wireless microphone for recording. Any live streaming app such as Facebook can acquire the wireless audio from SmartMike+ in live broadcasting. Meanwhile, for any music apps that play music while live streaming, the music will be mixed into the vocal as background music for live broadcasting. Please note that volume adjustment of music is necessary to ensure the BGM is in proper level. And the BGM could be monitored via earphone via3.5 mm jack on the SmartMike+.

Q: How to work with DSLR / PC/ or Third-Party Apps?

Pair any two SmartMike+s in T/R mode. The powerful T/R (Transmitter/Receiver) mode allows two SmartMike+ to act one as a receiver and the other as transmitter/microphone. Simply hook up one SmartMike+ to your digital camera/GoPro/PC/speaker via Sabintek TRRS 4pole 3.5mm AUX cable to act as a receiver. Lightning and Type-c to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter with a call function need to be configured.