smartmike+ customer reviews 

"This is the cleariest , most beautiful audio I can get out of a device. "

Francisco Monroy


"It transform my life! It's so good I bought a second one, The sound quality is brilliant , there's no glitches and it worked great!"

Fr William 



"Absolutely awesome! , I'm really happy that I've made an investment to Smartmike+."

Chad Jude 

Film Producer

"I'm not being overly dramatic, but I'm saying that it is sounds perfectly good! "

Billy Charles



"We totally recommend the SmartMike+ for anyone who makes any type of video"

Gino Ng


"I'm very happy with the product. I definetely recommend this to musicians, speakers and like me whistlers."

gregory drake

Satisfied Customer

"I've saved alot of time and hassles everyday compared to wired cable microphone"

Martin Jandke 

Intern Media Department

"It's quite remarkable, as long as you're in a range fo the bluetooth SmartMike+ everything works great."

Mary Beth Napoli

Satisfied Customer

"I'm happy to discover SmartMike+, it's been very useful so far specially in this days."

Miguel Salmon


"Since using Smartmike+ I've been happy with it. How much better all of my audio sounds. It step up my Professionalism on my videos."

Zachary Long 


"One of the most powerful content creator tools in years! If yourconducting an interview and trying to maintain social distancing this ishandy for mobile journalist on to go."

jb biunno

TV Journalist

"The features are doing great!. I liked the app (SmartMike+ App) because it has all of my needs. It has filters, subtitles and saving the video right away."

Natalia Atif

Content Creator

"With SmartMike+ there's no wires no nothing. With the button of SmartMike+ you don't need to hit the button and run back in the place. Just get in to the position hit the button and your done. That's really great! "

Joe Wentz

Content Creator/ Musician


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