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AudioWow, The Smallest Bluetooth Microphone for Karaoke & Music

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AudioWow for Vlogger/MusicianSmartMike+AudioWow Live PackSmartMike+AudioWow Pack for DSLR/GoPro/PCSmartMike+ for Vlogger/Youtuber
  • Free Shipping to US/CA /HK

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Let You Sing the Best Song

Small, Only 15g

Up to 15m

Sound Console

Record & Music Mixing

Intelligent AI 

Real-time Montoring


Tone Changing & Reverb

The Reviews Are In

 Audio booster & mixer | recording studio

Wireless Audio Studio Mic in A Matchbox size

 Audiowow is also the smallest Audio Studio mic that transmits wireless, multi-channel audio at ultra low-latency within a range of 15 meters, synchronize audio and video in real time. And the powerful Audiowow App support one-touch simultaneous output.

audio quality test of AudioWow with the iPhone

Special Features Of Audiowow

Noise-Reduced Sound Pickup (00:05 00:59)

Voice Changing ( 01 :39 02:36)

Karaoke Function ( 03:23-03:55)

Phone Call Recording & Transcription (00:59 01:39)  

Reverberation & Effects ( 02:36-03:23)  

Music creation

Record instrumentals and vocals on individual channels

If you’re a singer or musician you know inspiration comes at any time, with AudioWow you always have a recording studio with you. Whether you want to jam out and mix your guitar into your vocals, or record over an existing track, AudioWow lets you create studio-quality music wherever you are. 


Just like a mixing panel, AudioWow has multiple inputs and outputs. You can record your voice via the built-in microphone, plug in headphones for an additional microphone and real-time monitoring. Inside the AudioWow the audio gets enhanced and leveled out before sending it over Bluetooth to your phone. Your phone in turn can send background music to the AudioWow to mix it in with your vocals and instrument.

content creation

work with 3rd party apps such as Facebook Live, TikTok, Snapchat etc.

AudioWow connects with your smartphone or GoPro to record crystal clear audio for your content. Your Instagram stories, TikToks or field journalism will sound radically better because AudioWow has a crystal-clear microphone that is clipped closer to your mouth and clever algorithms enhance the sound quality as it records.

T/R Mode

work with DSLR, Go Pro, PC, and other devices.

no need for Audiowow app, Use AudioWow as microphone, use one smartMike+ as a receiver. link the SmartMike+

to Your mobile phone, DSLR, Go Pro, PC, or other devices, you can do vlog, interview, live-streaming and podcasting. it's very simple to record life, to record whatever you want.

TWS Mode

Audio Video Recording Simultaneously for Two Person Conference 

connect two AudioWow with smartphone via Bluetooth, AudioWow works Simultaneously with smartphone(android v9.0 above, ios v10.0.2 above). one video with two audio source from two AudioWow mixed together with lips synchronization. meanwhile, an earphone plug on mobile phone can be used for real-time audio monitoring for two AudioWow.

transcribing & 2-channel call recording

Automatically add subtitles to your videos

2-Channel Soundtrack Recording& A-powered Transcription

AudioWow will record the phone call in 2 audio tracks (caller andreceiver). The Al-powered tran-scriber will convert the speech (various languages supported) into text. The text file can be ex-ported instantly for further use or editing.


useage Demo video

Just like an amazing podcast mic, or a mixing panel, AudioWow is a tool, and it’s up to you what you create with it.



Microphone Sensitivity:(-36±3) dB

Microphone SNR (signal to noise ratio):70dB

Mic Type:Omni-directional Microphone     

Rated Working Voltage:3.7V

Working Current:20mA

Battery Capacity:130mAh

Battery Working Time:5-6 Hours

Input Voltage:5V

Input Current:200mAh

Charging Duration:<2 Hours

Charging Port:Type-C

Indicator:RGB Indicator (3 Colors)                


Warranty:1 year     

Package IncludedAudioWow for Vlogger/Musician
SmartMike+AudioWow Live Pack
SmartMike+AudioWow Pack for DSLR/GoPro/PC
SmartMike+ for Vlogger/Youtuber
Microphone Fleece Cover*1*2*2*1
Microphone Sponge Covernone*1*1*1
Data Charging Cable*1*2*2*1
NoticeLightning and Type-c to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter with a call function need to be configured

FAQs for audioWow

How to shoot vlog videos with AudioWow?

1. Using the AudioWow app: Find the AudioWow app download QR code on the box or find the AudioWow on Apple App Store, Google play store,Tencent App Store, AliExpress app, Mi Home app, and Huawei App

2. Using third party camera apps such as FilMic pro. Please note that not all apps are supported due to app compatibilities, and only 8KHz/16KHz is supported with these apps.

3. Using native app on iOS or Android - you can use the SmartMike+ as a receiver, which connects to your AudioWow over our proprietary Bluetooth protocol.  

What's the difference between the SmartMike+ and AudioWow?

SmartMike+ is a wireless microphone and AudioWow is more than that, it's a wireless sound card that mainly boosts the audio quality in recording, phone calls, content creation, and more, AudioWow features real-time mixing and a lot of digital effects (5 bands EQ, reverberation, tone changing and more) that bring more possibilities for your audio experience. AudioWow can also cancel the original vocal of any song from any platform instantly for karaoke and rehearsal.

Can I record audio without an extra attached microphone?

Yes, AudioWow has an internal mic that you can use it as a wireless mic to record the audio directly.

What about live streaming or using 3rd party apps?

Some apps don't support the high-quality audio standard over Bluetooth that AudioWow uses. That means that although you can use it with any app, to get the absolute best results on Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, and other 3rd party apps, you can use the SmartMike+ as a receiver, which connects to your AudioWow over our proprietary Bluetooth protocol. 

What about recording with a non-Bluetooth device?

Using the SmartMike+ as a receiver, the Audiowow can record with any non-Bluetooth device in Transmitter/Receiver mode as long as the device has a 3.5mm audio input.

How do I connect Audiowow to SmartMike+ in Transmitter/Receiver mode?

Hold down the power key on SmartMike+ for around 10 seconds until the LED light blinks red and green. Then, hold down the power key for Audiowow for around 3 seconds to turn on. After a few seconds, Audiowow and SmartMike+ should pair automatically. SmartMike+ will flash slowly in green, and Audiowow will flash slowly in blue to indicate that the pairing is successful. SmartMike+ acts as a receiver and can be connected to your device using a TRRS cable.

How do I configure the settings for AudioWow in Transmitter/Receiver mode?

While you cannot configure the audio settings for Audiowow while it is in Transmitter/Receiver mode, you can preset the settings by first connecting via Bluetooth to the Audiowow and change the settings in the Audiowow app. The Audiowow device will save the settings when you record in Transmitter/Receiver mode next time.

How do I record with background music mixing / karaoke with Audiowow?

While in the Audiowow app, you can mix any background music in your recording simply by playing music on your device from any other app. While recording, the music will be automatically mixed with your recording. Using the de-vocalization function, you can also de-vocalize any song played from your device for karaoke.

How do I record calls with Audiowow?

While in a call, Audiowow can record your phone call in 2 separate audio tracks (caller and receiver) and automatically transcribe the call into text, which can be exported for further use or editing. Simply record in the Audiowow app while you are in a call. Audiowow also allows you to record automatically while receiving a call.

How do I configure the EQ settings for Audiowow?

While recording in the Audiowow app, you can configure the EQ settings in the audio settings page. The left page allows you to configure the EQ settings for any audio outputted from your device (background music), while the right page allows you to configure the EQ settings for your audio recorded with the Audiowow.


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