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Frequently Asked Questions about SmartMike+

SmartMike+ records audio, transmits it to the smartphone in real time and synchronizes the audio and video automatically without the need for editing on the computer

One smartphone can pair with multiple SmartMike+s simultaneously to perform realtime multi-points audio recording. An iPhone can pair with a maximum of four SmartMike+s, and a smartphone with Android 9.0 operating system or above can pair with two SmartMike+s simultaneously.

SmartMike+ can perform real time mixing of people’s speaking/singing and the background music streamed via A2DP by any third-party streaming App on the smartphone, and transmit it to the smartphone to lip-sync with the video captured.

Turn on one SmartMike+ (“A”) and have it on pairing mode (blue light flashes). Once paired with the smartphone, disconnect it, long press the button on another SmartMike+ (“B”) for 10 seconds to enter the receiver mode, and it will automatically pair with A. Connect B to the camera via 3.5 mm AUX port and clip A on the collar. Please make sure to set the microphone gain of the camera to be manual and the audio recording level to the sweet spot.

Yes. In addition to the lip-synced video file, there is an audio file of the same name. Every device engaged as an individual audio file is stored in the operating system.

There are two types of monitoring. The first one is to hook up a wired headphone to the smartphone to listen to realtime audio transmitted and recorded by the SmartMike+. The second one is to listen to yourself or the background music in real time via a 3.5 mm headphone connected to the SmartMike+.

Yes, the accompanying professional App of Sabine SmartMike+ is designed and developed independently by our company. SmartMike+ App is free and downloadable from all major app stores.

Long press the button for 2 seconds to turn on the SmartMike+; 
Long press the button for 3 seconds to turn off the SmartMike+; 
Short press the button to start/end audio/video recording; 
In default, double press the button to switch between front and rear camera. 
Also, you can change the setting for start/end background music via App settings.

Yes, it can work as a wireless mic for PC with another SmartMike+ as a receiver.

We have four main shipping locations: Shipping to the United States will be directly from our U.S. Warehouse. Shipping to EU countries will be from UK and Germany. For the rest of shipping zones, all will be sent from Hong Kong.

SmartMike+ works with digital cameras via a 3.5 mm AUX . Therefore, it can work with any cameras that offer a 3.5 mm mic input.

Sabinetek warrants SmartMike+ (not including any accessories) for one year.